I finally finished ‘Middlesex’ by Jeffery Eugenides. This book was only marginally easier to read than ‘The Crimson Petal’ but not nearly as good (in my opinion). It was extremely well written and I believe Eugenides deserves the Pulitzer he won for it, yet there was something missing. In case you aren’t aware, the story is about a hermaphrodite named Callie (later, Cal) and her family. Rather, I should say it’s about her family and a little bit about her. 75% of the book is about her grandparents and parents. Near the end of the book, Callie hits puberty and things change. Interspersed throughout the novel, there are few pages here and there of Cal telling his present-day story about being in Berlin. These parts were interesting to me but there really wasn’t all that much information he gave.

I didn’t like the fact that basically all of the book was about the past. It’s important and interesting to know about her family history but by page 250, I was still reading about her grandparents and thinking, “Sheesh, when are we gonna get to Callie’s story?”

You can’t really go wrong with a Pulitzer Prize winning book. They’re all long, satisfying reads and worth the money. This one, though it was good, wasn’t my most favorite.

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