GIS Day: Part I

GIS Day sucked. I think I talked to no more than a dozen people and it was all people who liked to hear themselves talk. I couldn't believe what some of these people were saying. And then, when I was actually paying attention, I didn't understand what they were asking. I'd say, "So... you want a GIS interface for all historical monuments and when you click on them, you can view construction reports on that monument?" and they'd be like, "No. I want you to teach my students GIS." And I'm the ONLY one that didn't get it. I'd ask my question and all the other presenters around me, who have the magical ability to put two and two together, turned to me at once and so, "NO NO NO NO NO, she means she wants you to TEACH GIS to her STU-DENTS." Whatever. Shut up.

And I have more of the same to look forward to tomorrow. Good news is I can kick out early and hit some of the museums before they close for the day. I want to see all the gems and things at the Smithsonian. That would be cool.

I might go out later (it's raining wicked bad, so I don't know) and see if I can't find a good bookstore. Olsson's is supposed to be around here somewhere.

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