Book News

1. Neil Gaiman is working on a new novel. How is it coming along?

Not that the novel has yet made it off the ground. Right now it's taxiing madly backwards and forwards across the airfield, with ground staff comically throwing themselves out of its way as it hurtles dangerously toward fences and buildings. But I have faith in it.

Me, too.

See... I think maybe this plane reference isn't actually in reference to the status of Gaiman's novel. I think he actually was on a plane and all this was happening (for real). Check out his blog to know for sure.

2. Publisher’s Weekly has launched their new website. You now need to be a subscriber to view everything around the site.

3. The Onion A.V. Club reviews Chester Brown’s Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography and Joe Sacco’s The Fixer (which they don’t show the cover for). If you would like to know more about these artists/authors, you can check out their personal studios at Drawn & Quarterly.

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