I threw a Halloween-themed party on Saturday that ended up being way more work than it was worth. I made severed fingers, eyeballs, demon horns, witch’s hats, melted witch (with floating hand), spider web a la molde, salsa and the coup de grace: kitty litter. It literally took all day to make. Then guests started arriving: Grim Reaper, Mr. Cow, Mrs. Pumpkin, Medusa, Renaissance Lady, Star Wars Man, etc. I changed into my ninja outfit and tried persuading people to eat the food but the eyeballs looked “gross,” the molde looked “funky” and the kitty litter was “absolutely the most disgusting thing” people had ever seen. It’s just cake, crushed cookies and melted tootsie rolls! Seriously, it’s not really kitty litter. For the remainder of the night I was the drunken ninja slightly dozing on the couch.

Sunday was spent recovering. I played Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly ALL DAY.

Update: Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly on Gamecube sucks. There's all kinds of glitches, it takes forever to load and I finished it in three days. I hear Voodoo Vince on Xbox isn't bad, though... If you like the little kiddie games that aren't stupid (Spyro), try Ty the Tasmanian Tiger on Xbox. That one was really fun. The graphics were solid, the music wasn't annoying and I got into the habit of shouting, "You beauty!" in an Australian accent when something cool in my life happened.

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