I played Carcassonne last night. What fun! Way easier and faster than Settlers. Basically, players take turns setting down land tiles and placing men in fields, cities, roads or cloisters. Farmers work the fields, knights protect the city, thieves steal along the roads and monks hangout at cloisters. It’s really fun because the “board” that you create changes with the varying tile placement every time you play.

I also got the card game Rage without fully understanding what “German Edition” means. It means that if you don’t know how to play this particular game and you’re not fluently literate in German, you’re shit out of luck. I unwrapped the game and cards, like “Woo hoo! Here comes happy happy fun time!” Nope. I just kept turning the rules around and over in my hands, waiting for the English to materialize. I was able to find the rules online, though. Crisis averted.

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