Amy: [Looking though toy catalog] Oooo... there's all kinds of neopets stuff in here. [Pointing] Look, there's a Skeith toy and Zafara plushie. Look, here's a Kougra plushie. I have a Kougra.

Barbara: [Setting down her book] That's right. How are your neopets doing?

Amy: [Turning slightly away] Fine.

Barbara: Fine? Just... fine?

Amy: Well, I'm having trouble feeding them. Sometimes I forget and, like, they'll be "starving" or "dying."

Barbara: AMY!

Amy: Well the regular food is so EXPENSIVE so I just end up feeding them omlettes everyday because it's free!

Barbara: You just feed them omlettes?

Amy: [Tiny voice] It's free...

Barbara: What kind of a white trash pet owner are you?

Amy: HEY! The price of food has tripled since I first started playing. And the price for spinning the Wheel of Excitement has gone from 100 neopoints to 150 neopoints. Seriously, you have to devote 12 hours a day to neopets if you want to make any money.

Barbara: ...

Amy: But today, I went to the desert fruit stall and I won 15,000 neopoints and a water muffin and... something else. I can't remember what.

Barbara: A 'water muffin'?

Amy: Yeah.

Barbara: What the fuck is a 'water muffin'?

Amy: [Making derisive noise in throat] It's a muffin made out of water. What the fuck does it sound like?

Barbara: What-ever. [Picking up book and reading again]

Amy: [Flipping through toy catalog] I can't believe these plushies are 45 bucks... I want one.

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